• Air Cargo

    Hitech Courier Air Cargo Services is the leading provider of cargo shipping services to Africa and other parts of the World.  Fast, cheap and personalized...


  • Sea Cargo

    At Hitech Courier, we offer full logistics support for both rolling stock (cars, trucks or equipment on wheels) and general cargo via container. We work...


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We  have locations in major cities in the United States and Lagos, Nigeria. See the map at the bottom or click to view.

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Track Delivery

  • Track Air Cargo

    You can track the delivery progress of your goods by using the Cargolux or Skyteam systems.

Safety of Shipments

  • Safety of Goods

    At Hitech Courier, the safety of your goods are our highest priority.

Adijat Bakare

There was a time when I would use only Fedex and UPS. It was very expensive to send things to my family. Now my problem has been solved by Hitech Courier. Fast, affordable and reliable. I love it!

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