• Air Cargo

    Hitech Courier Air Cargo Services is the leading provider of cargo shipping services to Africa and other parts of the World.  Fast, cheap and personalized...


  • Sea Cargo

    At Hitech Courier, we offer full logistics support for both rolling stock (cars, trucks or equipment on wheels) and general cargo via container. We work...


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We  have locations in major cities in the United States and Lagos, Nigeria. See the map at the bottom or click to view.

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Track Delivery

  • Track Air Cargo

    You can track the delivery progress of your goods by using the Cargolux or Skyteam systems.

Safety of Shipments

  • Safety of Goods

    At Hitech Courier, the safety of your goods are our highest priority.

Fred Ingram

We sell boreholes and parts to customers in Nigeria. The sea cargo service of Hitech allows us to keep this line of business going. They are an important part of our business.

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