About us


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Sea Cargo

At Hitech Courier, we offer full logistics support for both rolling stock (cars, trucks or equipment on wheels) and general cargo via container. We work with all major shippers and ports, so no matter your destination, we can help! Contact us and we can design a fully customized solution for you.

Hitech Courier is capable of transporting cars, SUV's, motorcycles, boats, high heavy equipment such as; bulldozers, excavators, graders, dump trucks, and tractor heads. We also provide containers, for shipments of vehicles or personal effects. Whether you are a used car dealer or supply rolling equipment in West Africa, we can help.

Our Vision

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Air Cargo

Hitech Courier Air Cargo Services is the leading provider of cargo shipping services to Africa and other parts of the World.  Fast, cheap and personalized shipment of goods from North America to Nigeria and the rest of West Africa is now easy and reliable!

 Hitech Courier ensures highest level of professionalism and handling of sensitive and expensive business and personal deliveries, from documents, personal effects, durable and time-sensitive materials of all kinds.

When your goods must get to Africa on time and with peace of mind, only Hitech Courier will meet your needs. If you will send goods to your loved ones, you will need to call us. We guarantee dependable service.